Who needs to remember anything anymore?

Forget phone numbers, people’s names, addresses, birthdays. We, as a species, are evolving beyond the use of our brains to remember things that define our surface identity.
A few more generations from now, a human being will not need to remember where they are or who they are. A collective information database and intuitive programs will let them know those things whenever they need to. Automatic payment methods will be taken care of without the need for the buyer’s mental ability in any way beyond “I want this, can I get it?” Thus no more need of addresses, social security numbers, or any bank account information.
People will contact you through the internet and you will recognize them by their face. Who needs names anymore? They’ll be “dude,” “guy,” or “buddy.”
There will be an increased risk of identity theft, but we’ll deal with it.
But what will be more interesting is that maybe this will force us as a species to have to go deeper than these surface identities to define ourselves and each other. We may find out wonderful things about human beings that we’ve never realized before. Truth’s that will re-define how we think and behave and ways to cope with day to day emotional responses and habits. We will become efficient, not just in the technological and economical realm as we have been so far, but in the metaphysical realms as well. Just like when we now look back and view musket rifles and loin cloths as old fashioned or savage, we will look back on ourselves at this moment as having a backwards view of life.
And all of this because of people like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, Mark Zuckerberg, and a few other known and unknown engineers and executors of ideas to fruition and success. Through technology, through mental effort, and through over-worked hours and long nights, they have allowed everyone to not have to remember anyone’s birthday till Facebook notifies them.
Or maybe we’ll all just destroy ourselves because we forgot the number.. and name.. of the person to call if we’re ever in trouble.


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