Fractional people

Vanity is a bitch, especially when you have such a high opinion of yourself. Some might advice me to just lower my ego. But my reply to them is.. why? I know I’m the shit, my marketing team just isn’t that good. That’s all.
But its confusing when I look at diagrams where they change the units to display fractional results.. even though it makes no sense to have half a hit. As if half a person viewed my blog, or a whole person viewed it half-heartedly. So at first glance I saw Deca-mals rather than Deci-mals.
Really WordPress? Must you toy with me so?
Some of you might wonder why I haven’t been posting so much recently. It’s because I’ve recently lost a lot of my thirst for humor, creativity, and appreciation for life. Please refer to Emo emo emo for further information.
For the people who are responsible for WordPress, please give us an option to set some options for the Stats display. Maybe allow us to determine the units and how far they go. Maybe I’d like to set it to 100 people and never be satisfied at just how small the bars are, driving me to work harder. Or maybe I want to set it to 2 and feel like the shit for going off the charts.


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