Evolving nanobyte

Our brains are composed of neurons that are networked in specific patterns that we call “thought.” And that’s great, but when we approach the topic of Artificial Intelligence (AI), we try to map the human intellect onto a computer algorithm. And we are finding that to be sort of difficult.
Maybe it’s a little presumptuous of us to be able to reproduce either God’s, or billions of years of evolution’s, work.
But what if we turned back that clock and only tried to reproduce a few years into evolutionary theory? Maybe that’s still playing God, but he never said that trying to model after him was a sin did he?
How complex were the first single celled organisms? Pretty complex, unfortunately. But maybe we don’t have to reproduce every mitochondria or every aspect of the Kreb Cycle. We can definitely reproduce the reproduce-able. Making copies of one self is one of the basic fundamentals of what we call “life.” And there are some other fundamental aspects like eating and waste. Supporting life-forms that cycle the waste and other life-forms that eat you. Population control is really important. There’s a very fine difference between a virus and a bacteria. We want to achieve bacteria, we’ve already developed viruses.
Maybe it’s time for the next step of computer programming paradigm?
To do such a thing, we will need a vast playing ground with lots of valleys and hills and different climates and weather patterns. The internet should do, it’s varied enough.
Then we’ll need enemies, things that will limit the growth of the bacterial program. Anti-Spywares and Anti-malwares should do. And, hopefully if the bacteria evolve, their enemies need to cope with it. So there will need to be an intelligence working there as well. We could be that intelligence, it’ll be our way of communicating to the little bactogrithms. It’ll also be our way of nurturing their growth in a way, by killing them and challenging them.
And that brings it to the hard part. They will have to meet the challenge, and that requires the will to survive. Where, or what, does that come from?
Well? Where does it come from?


One thought on “Evolving nanobyte

  1. will you ever write another blog?

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