The process of improving a process

xkcd RoXx0r1. When approaching a process, get all the preconceptions out of your mind about the process and things related to the process. Get rid of any prejudices about the people working within the process. Get rid of any biases towards the entity that owns the process or benefits from the process, like the company or your boss. Come in with a clean slate.
2. Learn to love the process. Find and appreciate all the nuances of the process. Find those who are good at working with the process and see what they see about the process that interests them.
3. Take the process over as your own. Learn so much about the process that you become the senior process executor. Have others recognize you as the guy who does this process. Have people come to you with questions about the process, new training about the process. Teach them, show them too the great thing about the process.
4. Now open the gates of your mind to everything that is wrong with the process. Begin to make the changes to this process, improve the process. Why hesitate? You own the process now, no one else can tell you otherwise. Don’t stop taking advice from others who might have had experiences with things that are akin to the process. You can learn a good deal of things from them to help you improve the process.
5. Trust yourself to know how and what needs to be improved when beginning with step 1 of this process. When you have known and loved something, you can’t help but see all the ways that that something can be better and greater than it is right now. It’s a naturally occurring phenomenon in humans.


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