Looking deep into your.. evolutionary weakness?

Our eyes meet at the same time, almost as if fate tugged at our attention at the same time, which happens so frequently with us that it makes my heart sing every time. Her eyes were dark brown, little lines of dark hazel extends out from the black pupil. I can see her eyes darting back and forth, not knowing which eye to focus on.
Mine was probably doing the same. So quick, the movements like that of a cat’s head as it stalks its prey. Is that what’s going on right now? are we stalking each other?
When did I learn how to do this? Why am I looking into the eyes, how can I tell that she wants something from me?
She looks away, turns her head, a twinge of disappointment runs down the back of my neck, down my the middle of my back. But then I see the flash of her eyes dart back to me once more. She’s teasing me, how do I know that? Does she know that I noticed? But how? How did I find out?
Her eyes from this distance is maybe 1 percent or less of her entire body. I shouldn’t even be able to see such detail at this distance, I’ve been wearing thick glasses since a child which still doesn’t give me back my full natural visual acuity. But I can read her eyes, see the angle at which her iris focus. And through such fluid, subtle, quick movements of her eyes I can tell so much about what she’s doing, what she wants, and maybe even.. who she wants?
Is she reading me as easily as I’m reading her? How vulnerable am I without knowing it? Who else can just look at me right now and see the thoughts that are running through my head? I can probably be read like a book. And I can read other’s like a book.
Like that guy over there who’s also looking at her. How can I know that? He’s not even fully facing me, I can only see one eye.. but I know, I know he’s looking at her. I want him to disappear right now. I hope he looks at me, I want him to see the murder in my eyes. She’s mine. Look into my eyes and find out all the things you should find out for your own safety. But how am I so confident that he’ll be able to tell all that just by looking at me?
Man.. all this is making me hungry. Where’s the food? I see a man walking with his gaze angled below the usual height that indicate’s he’s looking to communicate to someone. The angle’s just right for a table, a table with food. I follow his gaze and find what he’s looking at and sure enough, there’s food right there. Next to the fellow with the eyes that have just a bit too much freedom in where he stares.
I think I’ll go over and let our eyes have a little conversation.


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