The universe always balances itself

I’ve just noticed another moment where the universe balanced itself.
While writing my previous post, I hated it. I thought it was crap, unworthy to be read but I had invested so much effort on it that I couldn’t throw it away. So even though I thought it was crap, I submitted it to the millions of people who are reading my blogs every singe hour.
But now when I re-read it, because I was curious as to how crappy I sounded to myself later, I realized it wasn’t really that bad.
Then I thought about times where I write a post that I think is DA SHIT. That’s German for amazing. And then later I re-read it and I feel so ashamed of my terrible writing that tears of agony falls down my cheeks. I feel the pain of the billions of people who’ve read through that post with innocent hopes of yet another masterpiece of genius.
Thus the universe balances itself in the microcosm of my soul.

What situations in your life have you realized how the universe just balanced itself?
(I’m trying something new here. I was given marketing advice by my mind that my expansive audience might actually want an invitation to feedback to my writings. I know I must awe you with the depth of my understanding in your soul, and so you are left speechless. In that situation, don’t be too shy to tell me how amazing I am.)


One thought on “The universe always balances itself

  1. I’m too shy to tell you how amazing you are.

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