Unexpected gold

I think the coolest thing to be is unexpected. New, unique, counter intuitive. There are many known virtues. Virtues that are advertised over generations through propaganda such as fairy tales and culture. But I think being unexpected is that unexpected virtue that most people miss talking about, but all people deep on the inside admire.
But if you look, you’ll find that the old stories do talk about being unexpected as a virtue.
From the beginning, God made man and gave him free will. Among all the creations in the universe, supposedly, God gave only man free will. Free will is by definition, the ability to be unexpected.
All the prophets brought a message that was very counter intuitive and so unexpected that most were killed for it.
Zeus, in Greek mythology, was the king of the gods, but what most people remember about him was that he was the father of Hercules, a very unexpected man, half human and half god, who did very unexpected things.
If you continue looking, you’ll see that all stories of men that we celebrate and continue talking about throughout the ages have been stories of unexpected, unique people.
So I think the universe is trying to tell us something. Be unexpected, do something others wouldn’t do. Be counter intuitive, do something radical and unreasonable.
Life has too short of an attention span to focus long on what’s expected.


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