Teaching how to not be a sell-out

1. Blank white piece of paper
2. Crayons. I like crayons, but I guess any type of drawing/coloring utensil is good too.

Student: This is a innocent yet bright and inquisitive youth (preferably, it’s too late for old people to learn these lessons)
Teacher: This is the wise and patient, yet firm, master of all knowledge. Someone like me.

Ideal Scenario
Student: I think I like Kim Kardashian.
Teacher: What do you like about her?
Student:Umm… she’s pretty I guess. All the kids at school like her.
Teacher: Do you like her because she’s pretty? Or because all the other kids like her too?
Student: I guess I like her more cause all my friends like her and keep talking about her.
Teacher: Aside from your friends.. do YOU like Kim Kardashian?
Student: Umm.. *shrug*
Teacher: Hmm.. hold on I’ll be right back with something.
(the teacher bring the paper and crayons)
Teacher: Here you go.
Student: What am I supposed to do with this?
Teacher: What do you want to do?
Student: I guess I want to draw something.
Teacher: Alright, go ahead… Wait no stop!
Student: What? Why?
Teacher: Don’t draw anything. No, don’t let go of the crayon either.
Student: Why?
Teacher: Because I just saw something amazing. Look at the paper! Look how blank and pristine it is. Isn’t it amazing how uniform everything is. Don’t you just want to hold that crayon in your hand and stare at that beautiful blankness for hours?
Student: Umm.. no. What is wrong with you?
Teacher: Tell me. How do you feel with that blank piece of paper and a crayon in your hand?
Student: I feel like I wanna draw something. And annoyed that you’re stopping me.
Teacher: *nods* I believe that human beings are designed to create things. They have an itch, just like you’re feeling right now, to draw things on a blank sheet of paper, on a blank canvas, on a blank wall, on a blank landscape, on a blank piece of metal, or on a blank mind. We’re designed to fill blanks up with things that we imagine and make up out of nothing. And it’s a wonderful gift from God that we have a mind that is constantly hungry for the new and unique. A mind, much like that crayon, that can draw and cut and distort the uniformity of blankness.
Teacher: But then we take this wonderful gift we have, and we stifle it. We hide the curiosity, we hide the unique and new, because we want to conform to others. We’re scared of being picked on, made fun of, talked about behind our backs. We’re afraid of losing our friends, our loved ones, we’re afraid of being alone. So we begin to let the creativity inside us wither and die because it made us different from others.
Teacher: And because we go against our design, we suffer. Like anything, alive or dead, that is not fulfilling it’s design, it ceases to exist. And so our mind ceases to exist and we lose the thing that makes us happy when we see something amazing.
Student: Ok.. weirdo.
Teacher: Exactly! I am a weirdo. I don’t find anything interesting in the un-interesting. I don’t have any curiosity for the mundane. I get bored with the normal. I want movement, change, energy, new. Teacher: I’m scared too, of being an outcast, of being alone. But I’ve noticed that the people who know what is truly valuable, they themselves are valuable. And they don’t outcast each other, they respect each other. You’re never alone with them.
Student: Ok, can I draw now?
Teacher: Yes, you may.


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