Empty of yourself

I am a person full of myself, pretending to not be. I’m really ashamed that I’m only pretending to not be full of myself so I avoid remembering that I’m pretending, which I succeed at. And then to cover up the fact that I’m pretending, I pretend that I’m full of myself in an obviously ridiculous manner. That way, people can see that I’m just joking about being full of myself and thus they will think by default that I’m not really full of myself. Thus, I can get away with pretending that I’m not full of myself, both to you, and to myself.
By the way…
I’m pretty awesome for
1) Doing all that incredible bit of complex emotional swindling in such a smooth manner and
2) For finding myself out and then in a moment of grand humility and sensitive vulnerability
3) Outing myself to the entire world to see in this post.


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