Passenger side hand-foil

They all told you that you shouldn’t stick your hand out the window. But they’re all just small minded cowards. And anyways, it’s not like you were going to shove your hand out straight, lock in your elbow, and wait for something to tear your arm off it’s socket.
If you were though.. don’t stick your hand out the window.
BUT. If you’re not an idiot, then I invite you to stick your hand out the window just enough to get a practical, hands-on (get it?) training in fluid dynamics.
Fluid dynamics is the study of flowing liquids and gases. When you’re sticking your hand out the window and you feel the wind, you are playing with the forces as described in fluid dynamic theory. You are in essence a scientist playing with some of the most complex equations and theories that requires super computers and models and million dollar labs and machines. You are playing with rocket science, quantum mechanics, and astrophysics when you flatten your hand and feel the force pushing your hand up or down based on how you angle it. Forget university lecture halls, computer 3d models, and solving systems of equations to understand lift and airfoil theory. Just curve your hand a bit and feel how the wind wants to move over and under it. Forget flight training and aerospace principles, pretend your hand is a jet plane and fly up and down and bank to the left and right.
You are a thinker, a philosopher, a dreamer. Stick that hand out into life and explore.


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