The Simpson’s generation

I am a Simpson’s baby.
I grew up watching Bart’s antics, Homer’s stupidity, Marge’s “Mmmmmmmhhhhhrrrrggghhhh”, Lisa’s condescending yet sweet innocence, and Maggie who once turned out to be an alien in a Halloween episode.
But it wasn’t just the Simpson’s.
I’d spend nights watching the sexual tension between Mulder and Scully on X-Files.
I’d spend my mornings before school with Batman, Spiderman (the ones where they actually were drawn like real human beings), and Anamaniacs (and their off-shoots like Pinky and the Brain).
I’d watch Home Improvement with Tim the Tool-Time Tailor and his companion Al Borland on Saturday early afternoons. I’d watch Jerry Springer or Montel cause there was nothing better on at 1 in the afternoon on Sundays.
I’d watch Chef on PBS right before Saturday Night Live started at 10:30. Yes, back then I found Adam Sandler as funny when he sang his stupid songs, Rob Schneider was hilarious, but David Spade was NOT funny, ever.
So how did all this TV affect my brain now that I’m an “adult?”
It didn’t at all. People who tell you that TV rots the brain are stupid and they can eat my shorts. In fact.. they’re probably part of a government conspiracy to hide the fact that the wheel of morality turns turns turns, but never those lessons do we learn. But I’ll take a chair and beat them over the head before Steve Wilkos gets to me, if they ever try to tell me that I can’t have a TV show about home repair even though I know nothing about home improvement or how to use the tools. Monty Burns isn’t gonna block MY sun and keep me from celebrating Hanukkah with my friend Veronica. Because now that I’m a normal well-balanced adult, my Spidey-sense is tingling and I can finally tell Pinky that today I’m finally going to try to take over the world! But shhh.. don’t tell anyone, don’t ever forget..


2 thoughts on “The Simpson’s generation

  1. um actually i think its tim the tool MAN taylor..

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