Two pronged leadership

It is said that there is a difference between a leader and a manager. I’m not going to refer to a dictionary for the definition of the two. If you’ve read my post, The epitome of ego gratification, then you should know why. Instead I’ll create my own definition through my vast experience, and mastery, in both those aspects.
A manager is someone who can organize, and execute. This requires the ability to analyze (analyze, by the way kids, means to “break something apart.” It’s opposite is synthesize, which means to “put things together”) and solve problems. The ultimate goal for any manager is to maximize output while minimizing input in the most simplest and quickest way possible.
A leader is someone who creates the problems. Or another way to say it more positively, they find areas of need where improvement can occur or they create an entirely new thing that doesn’t exist yet but could. The leader is someone who keeps the managers busy. The ultimate goal of a leader is to create a HUGE new problem to give to the managers to solve. People like Robert Kennedy was a leader. He created this HUGE problem for all the managers in NASA.. get us to the moon quick!
That’s all well and great, I’ve managed (see what I did there?) to impart to you a pretty darn good understanding of the difference between managers and leaders. I might also add that it was very short, clear, and quick. But as a great leader.. I haven’t created much of anything new.
So here is your great leader’s contribution.
Normally when people discuss the difference between managers and leaders, they say something like “and that’s why, in your leadership role, must have both managerial skills and leadership qualities.” Well I say that’s bullfecal.
The approach of a single entity in charge of multiple entities is very old fashioned. Why have just one head honcho, have two of them that complement each other (and also by the way.. drive each other nuts).
I believe in teamwork and division of labor. Just find someone with a lot of creativity and an anal retentive attention to what’s wrong in the world. And get someone who’s very satisfied with how organized everything is in their life and likes to pick apart things too much. Put them together and watch the sparks fly.
That is, unless you’re me, who’s talented with both. I make my own sparks. They’re very efficient and bright sparks. And soo pretttty..


One thought on “Two pronged leadership

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