What if God was one of us..

If I met him at a party would he forgive me if I forgot his name right after he introduced himself? Would he think I was weird when I made a bad joke and sounded stupid?
If he were my best friend would he play video games with me and shoot the breeze without having to get anything done?
If he was my boss, would he trust me to do my job? Would he give me a raise often for doing good work and give me real advice on how and where I can improve?
If he were my business partner would he trust me to do my share of the work? Would he listen to me and take my opinions seriously?
If he were my teacher, would he be patient when I couldn’t figure something out? Would he try different ways to show me, keep trying and not give up on me?
If he adopted me, would he let me figure out what I want to do in life? Would he support my decisions if they are well thought out, would he let me make my own mistakes?
If I were married to him would he trust me always and make me feel comfortable to tell him all my shameful secrets?
If he were a member of my community would he ask me directly anything he wanted and clear up any misunderstandings before talking to others about it? Would he understand if I couldn’t make it to all his parties or if I didn’t invite him over frequently to my house?
If he were the government, would he let me make my own decisions and live my life the way I want to as long as it’s not harming myself or others. Would he protect me but not try to frighten me about the outside world?
If God was one of us, one of those random strangers that I see almost every day that I don’t know anything about. Would I be able to tell? Would I say Hi? Would I even look at his face? Would I judge him, the clothes he wears, the color skin he has, the way he walks, the way he styles his hair, the direction that he’s going?


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