The epitome of ego gratification

To quote myself about myself:
“I’m awesome, thereby, vis-à-vis, and ergo, I can quote myself”
I find people who only quote others to be pretentious and I assume that they just have low self-esteem. Somehow they skip over a few logical steps and come to some illogical conclusion that if they can spout things they’ve memorized that others have said, they have done the work of independent critical thinking.
I on the other hand, know better. Why? Because I said so. If you refer to my previous posts I’m sure I have stated with utmost clarity and understanding that I am pretty awesome. It’s there, look it up. Thus, since I am awesome, I know that I can think for myself and I don’t need to quote anyone to prove that the things I say are awesome as well.
If you have a hard time understanding this, I refer you to:


2 thoughts on “The epitome of ego gratification

  1. […] not going to refer to a dictionary for the definition of the two. If you’ve read my post, The epitome of ego gratification, then you should know why. Instead I’ll create my own definition through my vast experience, […]

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