Pioneering online love

I’ve always read about or heard about pioneers in technology, ideas, places, and feats of human accomplishments. I’ve always felt a mix of awe and jealousy and resignation.
Resignation because somewhere deep down inside I didn’t feel like I could be one of those to break the mold. I was the opposite of mold breaking, I was very mold setting. I love the mold, it’s nice and smooth and warm and comfy and.. moldy.
But lately I was thinking, those people who are pioneers, they did things that were weird. We look back now and think “Wow, that was amazing, how did that person know that the next big thing was what they were passionate about?” But they didn’t. Those people were just really weird.
“You’re gonna try to go to India by sailing west? Sure Chris, Sure. Have you been to the Apothecary lately? Maybe you should go visit one soon.”
“So you’re saying.. that there are little invisible things floating in the air that gets into the cuts of your patients and causes them to rot? Alright Lister, maybe you should focus more on being a doctor and less on fairies and demons.”
“Uh huh, right, so when I see the sun rise from the east, go over my head, and set in the west, it’s actually US moving around the sun that causes that. Go to hell you blaspheming charlatan!”
“Charles my friend. God in all his glory did not create us, his chosen creatures, out of monkeys. Please stop this rubbish before you get hurt, remember what happened to Galileo?”
“Wait.. so.. you are talking to this girl online.. but you’ve never met her, but you say you love her. You guys like go on dates on restaurant websites? Or maybe you stream YouTube movies and share virtual pop corn.”
Yah! Yah that’s exactly what we do asshole!
But as weird as that might have sounded back in 2006, these days it’s slowly becoming the trend, becoming the norm. 50 years from now we’ll be telling our virtual avatar grandchildren that me and their Grandma met online and they’ll give us a blank stare as if to say. “Yah.. so what? The world is round, 90 percent of all biological organisms are microbes, we circle the sun, and we originate from competition for scarce ram space and diverse Kernal attributes due to single bit anomalies caused by solar flares. What is the big deal Grandpa?”


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