If you could love a killer..

Wouldn’t you want to die by her hands?
If I knew she was capable of killing me gently while I slept, I would never know if today would be my last. I’d make every single day count.
I’d show her how much I love her as much as I could every single day. I’d smile and laugh as much as I could. I’d do all the things I wanna do despite how scary they are. And I’d want her with me doing those things. Living through the last moments of the life she’ll take away from me.
I’d make sure never to go to bed if we’re fighting.
I’d say goodbye to her instead of goodnight every single night.
I wouldn’t want her to be sad when she kills me. I’d want her to know that it’s what I wanted. I’d want her to smile knowing that the last thought I had was about was how much I loved her and how happy I was to be with her.
I’d want her to know that that’s how I want to leave this world.
Chances are I’ll die by car accident. I’ve been in car accidents and usually the last thought I have before the final impact is “OH SHIT!”
That isn’t the last thought I’d choose to have before I die.
I wouldn’t want her to find someone else though. She better die alone dammit. She better not find someone else to fall asleep next to her, say goodbye to her every night, and she better not kill him like she did me. That’d piss me off a lot.
In fact.. I better be the last person she kills. After that, her career as a killer would be over. I’d want to know that I’ll be the last person to be killed by her. That no other person’s throat will be touched by her hands like she touched mine.
If I could love a killer, I’d love her more than life. Because she would be the cause for me to truly be alive for the rest of the life she will allow me.


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