Aliens DO exist.. to boost my post views


That’s what I think about when I see other bloggers use current breaking news or pop references to get post views.
I for one would never make obscure references to Megan Fox’s workout secrets or Katy Perry Lady Gaga Britney Spears Jennifer Lopez just for a cheap method of increasing my chances of coming up on one of the first few links on someone’s Google search.
I despise those who would use Google Trends and place key words in their Blogs like ohio state tressel ryan mallett hawaii prince williams.
It’s shameful, it’s disgusting, it’s just like Paul McDonald’s technicolor dreamsuit on American Idol.
It makes me want to just lash out like Charlie Sheen in the new Tomb Raider.
I for one am glad that I have some dignity and pride. I won’t stand to stoop that low, even in this times of the high gas prices.
You my loyal readers, be glad that you have someone who stays true to the cause. Just like Traci Lynn Johnson.


3 thoughts on “Aliens DO exist.. to boost my post views

  1. miley cyrus sucks

  2. i always look forward to your blogs.

  3. california sees slowest growth since depression

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