Things you can’t escape

Death and taxes are too obvious.
-You’ll never escape lines. There will be a moment in your life when you’ll be in a line, guaranteed.
-Being wrong. You wouldn’t be human without that.
-Being right. Life’s gonna throw you a bone eventually
-A mother. Unless you’re reading this in the future where people are genetically manufactured without human reproduction. In which case, all you clone people who are reading this are probably laughing right now, saying “Silly ancestor, we’ve solved the ‘mother’ problem a LONG time ago.”
-Thinking you’re the shit. Even if you have the worst self-esteem issue ever.. then you can feel proud of having the worst self-esteem issue ever.
-Being older than you were a second ago.
-Living. You’ll have to live to die, it’s a law or something.
-Having read this Post, you can’t undo what you just did.


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