I’m not so young at 25

I read this Wikipedia article about this one man in China who lived for either 197 years or 256 years, Li Ching-Yuen. He alleged that he was the younger age right before his death, but other research shows that he was an overly modest little Chinese man.
According to him, he joined the army at age 71 to teach martial arts.
I’m 25, for the past 3 years I’ve been regularly sick with various colds and odd aches over my body. I have bad ankles, can’t get rest when I sleep, and I’m cranky a lot.
He joined the army at age 71 and I feel like I wanna retire from my job and live out the rest of my life in an old folks home.
I exercise regularly, eat modestly, laugh and joke regularly. I don’t feel like I have an overly stressful or worried life. My job is a good balance of challenging but stress free. Actually.. now that I think about it.. I’m a pretty damn lucky guy..
Except that I feel like shit physically all the time. Why?
The obvious thing to do would be to point the accusing finger at anyone but myself. I probably feel like crap cause of all the non-natural things going through my body every single moment of my life. The water has chlorine and flourides. The food has pesticides and hormones and preservatives and additives. These HAVE to be the cause of why I feel like crap all the time right?
And what about society in general? The American dream.. it’s such a stressful dream. What if I don’t want to make it big and be somebody? What if I want to be a nobody, why can’t that be a dream? I wonder what toll it must take on my body, every single day, knowing that there are millionaires who are younger than me or not that much older.
And what about the people I know personally? Friends who send me links about people who live to be 200 years old. Friends who expect better from me, more from me. Friends who want’s me to succeed and be a better person. All they’re doing is just making me feel worse about myself. All that disappointment and self-esteem issues are probably keeping me from sleeping well at night.
I bet if I was back in 19th century China were people were doing Kung Fu all the time and eating Bak Choi with chopsticks, and they talked so fast and in so many different dialects that I probably wouldn’t understand their stress-filled conversations half the time, I’d probably be able to live 200 years easy.


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