Selfish vs Self-centered

The selfish person is one who wants and seeks happiness, love, sense of belonging, sense of pride and accomplishment.
The self-centered person is a person who’s scope of thought does not go beyond him or herself. They are wrapped up in the their own concerns and everything else is a background haze. I use the term “concern” in the negative aspect in that case. The selfish person also has concerns but they are concerns of how to succeed while the self-centered has concerns of how much failure and pain there is in their lives.
The selfish person recognizes his self worth and so is able to recognize the self worth of others. This allows him to be able to give genuine respect to other people’s feelings, wants, and needs. The selfish person recognizes his connection with all human beings and how others affect his happiness and life.
The self-centered man can’t but help think that he is in a vacuum all by himself. The self-centered person can only recognize his own faults and sadness. He is incapable of connecting with other human beings except in a limited fashion of seeing the faults and sadnesses of others around him.
The selfish person’s eyes are wide open. They see their own faults and accomplishments and is able to see the faults and accomplishments of others. The selfish person is able to see possibilities and seeks constant change for the better.
The self-centered person’s eyes are closed or squinting. They can only see their own faults and when they squint out into the world they see faults of others. The self-centered person is constantly scared and alone, seeing nothing but how things are wrong and how much worse they can get. They are incapable of seeing solutions, or even imagining the possibility of something better.
Repetition of action becomes a habit. Where the selfish person acquires a habit of seeing possibilities and avenues of success, the self-centered person has created a habit of seeing only pain, his own and that of others.
I have used the phrases “a selfish person” and “self centered person.” But there does not exist any such people who are one or the other. A person cycles daily and moment by moment between those two modes of being depending on the context of the situation that they are in.
No human being is born with an innate talent for selfishness, and no human being is born with the curse of self-centerdness. At every moment in their lives they have a choice to either open or close their eyes. A person is not by nature selfish nor self-centered, there are moments in his life when he is self-centered and there are moments when he is selfish. In each moment in a person’s life they are able to choose whether to be a selfish person or a self-centered person.


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