Giving employees a naptime

I’ve experienced days where I am so tired from the rest of my life or work itself that I want to just lay my head on a pillow and fall asleep.
And clock that in as work time also.
And why not? Why should I feel guilty about that? Let’s say that I toughed it through and I drank a lot of coffee and forced myself to work even though I can’t concentrate. I’ve been there and I’ve tried that and this is what usually happens:
1) I get wired from the caffeine and then I crash. The crash usually doesn’t wait till I get home, or worse.. it’s on the drive home
2) I stare at a sentence or a line of code for 5 minutes while my brain slowly tries to figure out what I’m doing and why I’m here
3) I start to get cranky and people around me notice and gets offended, adding to their stress levels also
4) I start to hate my job and the company I work for
The natural inclination of any employer or owner is “Why should I pay you to sleep? Sleep at home, don’t bring your personal crap to work.”
Yah, well you know what Mr. Nazi Employer? Share your secret on just exactly how you keep your insomnia from affecting your work. Or how about you tell me how you can forget that fight that you just had with your significant other the night before as soon as you walk into the office.
Shit happens and it’d be really nice to be able to take a nap at work. Or maybe take an hour to smooth things over with the other-half. Or write a blog, without feeling guilty about it, to release some of the pent-up frustrations.
Here are some of the benefits I can foresee in a company that allows an hour nap-time at work:
1) They’ll love you for it
2) Counter-intuitively you’ll see more productive output in the 7 hours that they are working for that 8 hours that you are paying them than you have seen before.
3) They’ll live longer and be healthier and that cuts down on your liabilities cost
4) “Eureka!” moments usually occur in the in-between moments when your mind is NOT focused on the problem you’re trying to solve.
If you’re an employer and you still have a hard time wrapping your head around the concept of “paying people to sleep,” then think of it more as “creativity time” or “stress buster hour” or “chill the f**k out time.”
Try it out yourself, you’re the boss, if it helps you then most likely it’ll help your employees. And what’s good for the employees is good for the business.


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