Don’t feel guilty throwing away that terrible cookie

I was born with an automatic revulsion towards throwing away food of any kind. This includes not eating food that I know will not be saved for later or someone else. So all my life till recently I’ve eaten anything that was given to me even though it might taste terrible or might not be the healthiest thing for me.
I’m originally from a third world country and I go back fairly frequently. I see hungry people who don’t have the option of seeking government help or going to a shelter or a local soup kitchen. They starve and then they die without much notice or care from the general population. It’s tragic but it’s also so frequent that people have no choice but to harden their hearts to get through their day-to-day lives.
But I have been living in America since the age of 6 and over time I’ve become accustomed to an overabundance of food. There are starving people in this country as well but they are so well hidden that I would have to search out someone who is actually starving and has no other option but to go without food for days.
In my belief system, it is a sin to let food go to waste. Lately I’ve been committing that sin by throwing away food or leaving food on the plate in places where I know it’ll just be thrown away.
It’s tough for me to deal with, it’s not something that I can do lightly and I still marvel at how others can just let go food to waste without a thought.
But despite how bad I feel, there is a saving grace for my conscience. The food I throw away is terrible. I don’t mean tastes terrible, although that does come into play, but also of low quality. There are food items created in this country that are just not worth it. They are fattening and sugary but doesn’t taste good enough to worth all the calories.
I wouldn’t throw away terrible tasting spinach because Popeye made me believe when I was a child that spinach is good for you. But I will throw away brownies and cookies and chips and candy that doesn’t taste very good.
I believe that food items that taste terrible and are terrible for you are ethically immoral and I refuse to feel guilty that maybe some starving person in Bangladesh could benefit from a terrible tasting cookie.
In this world there is an abundance of food that is both nutritious and tasty and it’s an affront to God that there is in existence a bad tasting cookie. Only humanity is able to conjure up such a sin as a terrible tasting candy made of nothing but what used to be naturally yummy fat and sugar.
If there was a starving person in front of me right now, would I give him that terrible cookie? I would, because there is a large quality of subjectivism in taste and one man’s garbage is another man’s treasure. But I hope that if he agrees with me that the cookie is terrible, he will hold his head high in honor and self-respect and throw the cookie away and I will smile at him, shake his hand, and offer him out to lunch.


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