Over-estimated self worth

Im nervous as I walk into my boss’s office. I’m not good at being the bearer of these kinds of bad news, and on top of that I don’t know if I’m actually doing the right thing. It’s a scary leap for me and I want to want it but I know that I’d probably be satisfied with just keeping everything as it is. And on top of that I know that it will inconvenience a lot of people and where normally they’d understand a logical step forward or out.. I’m not doing anything so conventional. How do I tell my boss that I really don’t have any other offers or anywhere else to go? What do I tell my co-workers to let them know that I’ll be ok and this is worth it?
I ask him if we can talk for a bit and he says sure. I get right to the point.. Sort of.. And begin by trying to explain to him what is going on inside my head. After a while of confused rambling I can see that he’s becoming impatient with me beating around the bush by explaining to him about how I don’t want to be caught being satisfied with where I am now and that I want to grow and to be able to do that I have to force myself into scary and uncomfortable situations. “so basically, I have no other job offers lined up, I don’t know what I’m going to do but I want to resign my position here.”
As I almost trail off in a whisper the last few words I almost feel sorry for the man. I know just how much of an asset I am to the group and how amazing of a worker I am. It must suck for him to have to face losing one of his most valuable employees. Maybe he’s angry or maybe he’s in shock. Maybe he’s trying to figure out if there’s any way he can pull some strings and offer me higher pay or a promotion so that he can try and not lose such a-
“I’m sorry to hear that you’re leaving us. It’s been a pleasure working with you and I hope you find what you’re looking for.”
“Oh well.. Thank you.”
I’m sure he’s really torn up on the inside and he’s just trying to keep it all professional. As I leave the office and look back he was already back at his computer as he was before. Poor guy, he’s trying to just be strong after such horrible news, he’s a real trooper.


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