The Essential “I” in Spirit

Without first embracing the individuality inherent in all of us, we cannot gain connection with the all. Through the ego will we come to know the Ego-less. It’s not a matter of what’s better or getting beyond the ego or individuality, rather it’s through acceptance of the fact that we are egotistical individual beings can we truly know others.
Individuality is essential in enlightenment. Those who disregard their individual self are only attempting to run away from themselves and the responsibility they have in living as creatures on this existence. The parable of Adam and Eve relates our first separation from the All and then it became our individual responsibility to go back to it All. We cannot shirk this responsibility onto others, no one else can attain heaven for us.
Like mist, each one of us is an individual droplet of water floating in the water and it is up to us to link with others and together reform the ocean that we once were.
And what happens when I reconnect with the All? Will I cease to exist? Was the point of my existence only to find a way to my own annihilation?
I who love life, love existence, live and want to live, I who was given individuality to should only exist to attain non-existence sounds like the worst of sins. The All Exists and Lives, exists more than I exist and lives more than I live. Then wouldn’t attainment of the All actually be heading towards even more life and more existence? Wouldn’t heaven be more “I” than I ever experienced as possible?
To know others I must first know myself. To know God I must know others. Then wouldn’t the more I know myself increase the more I know of God?
And how can I ever get to know the essential “I” if I were to try and destroy me within myself and be egoless?
Like a pen we were given ego to cut lines in nothingness to create a “there” and a “here.” With the blank canvas of reality we are all artists drawing who we are and thus saying to God, “this is me God, know me so I may know you. Without you I am nothing, for you allow me to tell you who I am and you are always the ever patient listener and always enjoying the tapestry art work that is me.”


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