Jump right into some Humble Pie

I always thought that humility is a requirement for one of the more fundamental pleasures of man, gaining knowledge and wisdom.
I could never understand people who were too stubborn to learn. No.. of course I’m not talking about you, the fact that you even got to this part of the sentence attests to the fact that you’re not one of those people.
But imagine all the people who barely got beyond the first period in this note. Or man.. How about the people who never passed the fifth word.
The rest of you who are here with me, we have one up over all those suckers who aren’t where we are right now together. We are the intellectuals, the nerds of society that win in the end. The further and further you crawl down this text with me the wider the gap between the losers and the winners become.
But why? Why are you still following me? Is it because you, as I used to think, are humble in your nature? Does this feel like humility to you right now?
It doesn’t does it? So then what exactly is it?
I believe that there are two aspects of your nature that keeps you still reading.
1. You are power hungry
2. You are very trusting
If you feel like you are bothered by either of those statements that I have made about you then stop reading right now because you are not ready for this.
I am warning you seriously and not as some attempt to joke or to ridicule. You will not be able to appreciate any of this. And you will finish reading this with distaste and a sense of wasting time.
As for the rest of you, welcome.
Thank you for coming this far deep with me, and as a payment for your wonderful attentiveness and just a treat for you being you, I’ll give you what you have been waiting for… the point.
It just dawned on me, while I was watching a you tube video my friend emailed to me, that even though it’s been a quarter through the video and nothing particularly interesting has happened that I will continue watching because I trust my friend.
I don’t do it out of duty, I don’t do it out of guilt, I do it to gain something because I trust my friend to give me something for my benefit. But why would he give me anything at all if there was no benefit for him? Like another one of my good friends always say when I recognize him for showing me so many wonderful thoughts and ideas, he gets something out of it too. Someone to talk to about those ideas and gain even more wonderful ideas and thoughts for himself.
So it is in the nature of TRUST that we benefit each other. Not in humility.
All of those people who haven’t gotten to this point that you are reading right now, all the people who glanced over the title and the first few words and were too distrusting of me to follow me on a journey. They missed out.
And what was their opportunity cost? What would it have cost them to journey with us except time. And time is precious, the most precious commodity we have.
Oh if only all of us could see time! Like a tangible form of time. I depict it to be like a giant swimming pool full of fresh clear water and a hole at the bottom where the water slowly drips out.
And as you watch the water receding day after day from the pool, the water level becoming lower and lower, what would you have an urge to do?
You who have followed me so far with an open mind will be the only ones to understand that your truest urge would be to jump in as quickly as possible in to the pool for a good swim before all the water runs out.
And trust me..
The water’s fine

From Personal Notes Tuesday, February 17, 2009 at 6:11pm


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