Frustratingly Zen

The more I try to forget something, the easier it is to remember.
When I try to find the right way to do things I find myself making more and more mistakes.
Seeking happiness has made me more and more depressed.
The calmer I try to be, the more I lash out uncontrollably.
I grew up all my life believing that hard work and perseverance will get me through any obstacle. That those who give up are losers and those who continue the hard path will be rewarded in the end.
I’m starting to believe that I had it wrong all along and maybe if reality is so damn backwards, maybe I should try to remember if I want to forget.
I should just make a lot of mistakes and end up doing everything correctly.
Maybe I should just get really depressed and I’ll begin to finally smile.
Maybe I’ll just go lash out and punch some random strangers to calm down.
Maybe I’ll just stop doing everything.. and finally get it all done.



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