Jokes are serious business

There are beautiful things in people’s minds that should be expressed in however way for the entire world to be seen. Beauty of any form lifts my soul and makes me, for that one moment, one with everything else around me. Expression of beauty can be in so many forms that it’s unimaginable. Paintings, sculptures, music, dance, literature, poetry, balancing rocks at the beach, making little minuscule recreations of towns and buildings.
And jokes.
I believe that jokes are a way to express the world in ways that isn’t normally seen. Jokes are a way to connect on a level that goes deeper than normally penetrated in daily human to human interactions. Jokes are something anyone can tell to anyone else independent of the level of relationship and history the two person have. Jokes can bring bring people together and connect strangers on a deep level right away.
“OMG!! You feel that way too? That’s so funny!”
Jokes are an art of human ingenuity, compassion, creativity, and skill. It’s not just about chickens braving the road or people meekly knocking only twice on your door. It’s about knowing the hearts and minds of people, of looking deep in your own soul and finding that core that we all have in common. And then making fun of it.
Jokes are things that are unique to the moment, time, day, topic, people, and so much more.
Everything comes perfectly together for that one little crack or dry comment.
It’s beautiful.


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