Finding my best friend

I think it’s a myth we all subscribe to that talking to yourself is bad in some way. I believe that talking to yourself could be a very powerful tool in self-improvement. For example, I was just recently talking to myself about wanting some more dark-chocolate covered raisins. By the way, you can get them for like 3 bucks a pound at Sprouts. I said to myself, “you know.. I think I want some more chocolate covered raisins.” And in response I said, “You should get some, you deserve them.” And I was very satisfied with my own self-recognition of being awesome and deserving of treats.
I think we are the most horrible to ourselves at times, but we also have the potential for being our own best friends. And a best friend is someone who knows you enough to recognize how amazing you are and would want to stay your best friend.
I don’t think that there’s anyone else who knows us and how we behave and what we think and do more than ourselves. And the only way to become best friends with someone would be to talk with them. You already share experiences with yourself, so the only thing that’s missing is talking to yourself to take that relationship to the next level.
And talking out loud is a good practice in social behavior. You wouldn’t whisper in public to your best friend in front of others constantly would you? Imagine if you were talking to someone with their best friend, and while you’re talking he or she bends over to the best friend’s ear and whispers something.
Wouldn’t that be awkward? Well I think we need to stop doing that, it’s rude to everyone, so speak up.
I think we should once and for all get over this myth that talking to yourself is a bad thing.
Breach that lifelong silence with the person closest to you and say “hi” for once.

From Personal Notes Sunday, October 31, 2010 5:28pm


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