Skinny people are jerks

Here are some things that skinny people don’t understand:

1. How much we envy how good cloths look on you
2. How we’ve, over time, created a habit of constantly sucking it in
3. What seeing the crotch-wear on our jeans feels like
4. How it feels to jiggle when riding on the school bus
5. Sports isn’t a game to us, it’s serious shit and potentially life threatening
6. When you make fun of how fat we are, we don’t like you at the moment. But we’ll forgive you easily cause it’s hard to find skinny friends
7. Food is an abusive relationship that we can’t get away from and we regret everytime we give it another chance
8. Our concept of vacation or a fun time is a bag of our favorite unhealthy food and some alone time
9. How often we covertly feel our fat to gauge whether we’re getting fatter or skinnier. The judgement varies based on our mood and how guilty we feel about what we just ate
10. How horrible we feel about ourselves from time to time

But it’s alright. Cause if you’re one of those skinny jerks who can eat whatever you want and not gain an ounce, I believe that life will balance out and you’re gonna be super fat later when it’s harder to lose weight.


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