9 annoying things to learn from

If I was a better person, which I am but I just don’t like to rub it people’s faces so I try to be less perfect all the time, I’d learn from the following things instead of getting annoyed by them:

1. When someone treats me like i’m an idiot/imbecile/child.
I hate that, it’s one of my top most annoying thing that people could do to me. Why? Maybe I get annoyed because I want to prove to them and everyone just how smart and capable and grown-up I am. Which just points out how insecure I am about how smart, capable, and grown-up I am. I should just recognize that I’m insecure about those things and that is the cause of my annoyance and not take it out on that person. But really.. stop talking to me like I’m a friggin idiot.

2. When the handle of the zipper gets stuck in-between the folds at the bottom.
I just end up spending frustrating seconds trying to dig the handle out so that I could zip up my pants. With any small mechanical failures my first response is increased force. 90 percent of the time that doesn’t help and 50 percent of the time it makes things worse. There are moments when reaction with force is necessary, but 99 percent of my life won’t be spent fighting robbers or fending off wild animals. If I’m in the bathroom at work, chances are that my first reaction of force is not going to be the right one. I need to learn to calmly evaluate the situation, find the correct solution, and then take action. Sure.. that means I’ll be left staring down at my unzipped pants for about a minute or so and it might create an awkward situation if one of my co-workers walks in. But I’m sure I could just calmly explain to him why I’m just standing there staring down at my unzipped crotch and he’ll understand.

3. Car trouble
Over the years I’ve experienced the usual and sometimes unusual issues of various cars. One thing I learned is the value of quality in certain brand names. I’ve learned that saving a few thousand in the initial cost of the car might cost you double to triple what you saved in repairs later. A car is never an investment, it will depreciate so it’s a loss. But you can take steps to minimize the loss and spread the loss out over a longer period of years. Another thing that I’ve learned is that, yes.. I can do my own oil change and it will be better and cheaper, but I always put things off or I’m too busy. So is one or two good oil changes a year better than 12 crappy oil changes?

4. Lack of money
This isn’t annoying, it’s downright scary. Maybe that’s something in itself to learn from. Why am I scared of money problems? Maybe because I know that the people at AmericanExpress will try to throw me in jail as retribution for borrowing money from them and there are people in jail who insert their penii into other men. That to me is scary.
Money issues should cause someone to think that “hey.. maybe I’m not managing my finances in a proper way. Maybe I need to really look at just how much I’m making vs. how much I’m spending and figure out just why I so frequently bounce my checks or have to ask for 100 dollar loans from people so often.” There will always be some unforeseeable problem that will cost you more than what you have. But my experience has shown that those types of things happens maybe once a year. So if you’re short on cash every month, it’s not God or luck or those “other bastards” out there that is causing you problems. It’s you.

5. Being made fun of
Nothing else teaches you more about managing your anger, having humility, and loyalty to jackass friends. I think everyone needs to go out there and find one friend with the courage and compassion enough to make fun of all the things you already feel bad about. Friends who are always nice to you are.. fake. There’s something wrong with you, you know it and they know it, and if your friends aren’t taking advantage of it to make you feel worse, then they’re no friends of yours. Being made fun of is one of the easiest ways of self-improvement. The “I’ll show you assholes” ideal is a good driving force for action. And the things that you can’t change, like how hairy you are, are good practice for learning acceptance and keeping calm in the face of confrontation. And then if you play your cards right, one day you will become a better person than they are due to all the suffering you’ve endured through the years, and you can blog about how awesome you are with full assurance that you truly are very very awesome.

7. People who can’t count
Like really.. go back to kindergarten. You’re a disgrace to human intellect. I mean.. unless you have some sort of physiological mental problems.. then you’re cool. But for the rest who have no excuses, in my country we have a phrase for people like you.. “chi chi chi.”

8. People who think they’re right about everything
Yah well, why don’t you make a blog and express your opinions to someone who gives a crap. It annoys me when I have to deal with someone who has to be right about something. But it does teach me that having to be right all the time just makes you a very annoying person. Having to be right is also an indication of some sort of insecurity. When I’m able and I catch myself in moments when I have to be right, I try to find out what is it that I’m insecure about. I’m very insecure about my insecurities, so I like to keep track of them to make sure that they don’t get out of hand.

9. When someone points out what’s wrong with my plans and ideas
When people tell me things that they want to do, I try to point out to them all the things that are wrong with how they’re thinking so that they realize just how much more superior I am to them. It makes me feel really good about myself because 1) I’m right and smarter and 2) I just helped a person to not pursue a plan that is doomed to failure due to their own lack of foresight.
But when someone points out all the things that are wrong with what I’m trying to do, it’s really difficult to not get annoyed or downtrodden. It’s a good lesson for me at that point to check in with myself and ask if I want to really take their advice and listen to what that other person is saying, or do I want to just be right about my own opinions? But listening to someone tell me how I’m wrong is one of the hardest thing I have to deal with and I catch myself tuning the other person out. It’s then even harder to admit that I was wrong about something. But that’s the learning process that we all go through as human beings.

10. When strangers say hi-how’re-you to me
Why? What kind of person would say and do that? Serial Murderers, that’s who. Please don’t invade my private bubble of people who I’m comfortable with saying hi to me. Out of the 6 billion people in the world I’ll only allow the select few 10-15 people to be that familiar with me, so respect that. What I especially don’t like is how I’m not trained to easily respond to those kind of questions.. if it’s a question at all which it really isn’t.
“yah hi! uhh.. great!” except I’m usually not great and I feel guilty lying to them and so I awkwardly add “I mean.. i’m ok” and they give me a nod with a look that says “uhh.. ok guy” and continue walking.
There are also the goodbyes. Don’t wish me a good day please. Over the years I’ve had to diligently train myself to at least say “you too” back at cashiers and the people at the entrance of Walmart. Then some people throw me for a loop and say things like “drive safe!” when I’m getting in my car to drive away from their home and I automatically respond “you too!” and then feel really stupid about myself.
There’s no lesson to learn for this one. People should just shut up and stick to “hello” and “goodbye.”


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