How to become a business guru like me, part 1

Any marketing guru, great leader, cult organizers, or pimp knows that the human being does not take actions based on rational logical decisions. People make decisions on internal sub-conscience mechanisms that are automatic in nature and usually without the conscience awareness of the person.
A lot of these mechanisms are shared cultural and even species related. And some are unique to our individual history.
But the bottom line is that there is something else in control. And also that it will always be in control. For some people that is a bothersome idea. They deny it originally or once they accept it they try to separate themselves from it somehow. They look for “enlightenment” and they meditate to empty their mind of that constant automatic chatter and to regain control. But that control is delusional and they usually miss the point of what enlightenment is and the teachings of the prophets.
There are others who don’t mind this concept so much and they usually ignore it until it starts to cause issues and pops up in annoying ways in their lives. They snap at their family or friends without meaning to. They get scared irrationally and are unable to act. Various things causes them to begin to finally pay attention to what’s going on inside them and, if  they are smart, they begin to realize that it isn’t a bad thing that we are reactionary creatures, it can actually be used to our advantage.
This blog is for those who are, 1) able to accept and be ok that they are for the most part not in control, 2) wants to learn how to use that automatic parts of them to improve their lives, and 3) wants to specifically make butt-loads of money. If you’re not that kind of person, read on.. maybe you’ll learn something. If you are that kind of person, read on.. maybe you’ll learn something. If you are confused as to just how much is a butt-load, have you ever seen a pregnant person? The human body is very stretchy.

1. The foundation

The source of most of our actions are due to habits. Our habits are created from thoughts that we continuously have. The source of our thoughts are the beliefs we hold.
Most of us have horrible sets of beliefs around business,  money, economics, society, and ourselves. I know that I hold beliefs about how business is hard and will take time away from family and keep me too busy and stressed. I have beliefs about how money is the root of all evil, money makes people unhappy, and those who want money are greedy bastards. I  have beliefs about how everyone should help each other out at all times, no excuses. They’re assholes if they don’t. And I have beliefs that i’m too spineless and weak to negotiate, give orders, or make tough decisions in a business or leadership position.
These beliefs have led to repeated thoughts about myself, society, and others which has led to habits like taking the less risky approach to things, having a stable job, and spending money on material things.
The source of the beliefs we hold is us. Believe it or not, we decide to believe the things we believe. There are identical twins who have the same parents and have the same upbringing, yet have vastly different thinking, behaviors, and actions.
That is because each twin will decide to look at a particular event differently.
It’s one of the very first warnings that any budding scientist is given: If you look long enough, you can figure out a way to prove whatever you want to be right about.
Notice that I didn’t say: “each twin will have their own perspective on an event,” because that’s not what happens. Each twin will actually decide the perspective that they want to take with each event based on what that twin wants to believe. If the mom drops the chocolate cake on the ground and one twin wants to believe that her mom is a good mom and so she just had an accident, then that event will be an accident to her. If the other twin wants to believe that her mom hates her and doesn’t want her to be happy and eat cake, then that event will be a way of her mom to be a meanie. There’s a famous Zen Koan:
Two monks were standing in the Temple grounds, arguing about a flag that was flapping wildly in the strong winds that were blowing that day.
One said, ”The flag is moving.”
The other replied, “No, it is the wind that is moving.”
Just then Hui Neng happened to pass by. He told them, “Not the wind, not the flag. Mind is moving.”
It’s the mind that moves, there is no perspective except the one that you decide to have.
So if you choose the beliefs you have, then why can’t we all just choose to believe something else when we find that one set of beliefs lead us wrong? We can, but it’s not so easy because it’s hard for us to believe ourselves. I can tell myself however many times, however emphatically, that money is not the root of all evil. But i’m not going to believe  myself. That is because I’ve been collecting proof of why I’m right ever since I decided that money is the root of all evil. I’ve had a lot of time to collect evidence to prove my theory correct, so it’s a very difficult thing to not believe for me since I’ll constantly be arguing against myself. The longer a belief is held, the more proof is acquired, the deeper the habit becomes, the harder it is to change the belief.
You’ve ever hear the saying, “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?” Well if you believe that, then you won’t be able to believe that you can change and so you won’t try anything, and the longer you don’t change the more right you become about how you’re an old dog that can’t change. Hence you’re really screwed. So stop believing that.
But it’s not so easy to stop, it may even seem impossible. So how is it done? It’s done by rocking the SHIT out of our world. World shaking moments in our lives causes us to dislodge ourselves from the rigid beliefs we’ve held and allows us to begin to make new ones. Some people who have gone through wars, tragedies, giving birth, near-deaths, and all three Matrix movies (and the Animatrix videos), have changed their entire outlook on reality and world and have been able to adopt new sets of beliefs that changes their thoughts, habits, and behaviors. But what if you don’t want to give birth or almost die? My advice to you is, read a good book.
There are books that have caused revolutions and wars and new systems of governance. There are books that have helped and are are still continuing to help millions of people all over the world, including Oprah, to improve their lives.
My personal favorites are Ayn Rand’s… everything. Everything Ayn Rand has written is revolutionary and has changed my beliefs and the way I view myself and others and society.
But Ayn Rand and her two books, The Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged is also very applicable to getting filthy rich. After reading Atlas Shrugged I did a little research into some of the greatest (and some the wealthiest) people in history like Ford, Curie, Rockefeller, and a lot of other not so recognizable names but with great accomplishments. What I found was that there’s a lot of things that correlate with these people and the people that Ayn Rand idealizes in her books and her philosophy.
Ayn Rand’s books and philosophies was the beginning and the defining foundation of how I became the business guru that I am today. Reading her books did rock my world and helped me throw away some old beliefs and adopt newer ones.
There are other great books out there, both modern and classic. Modern books that I’ve read recently include Rich Dad Poor Dad, by Robert Kiyosaki. I’d also recommend weekend seminars like the Millionaire Mind Intensive. Attending that seminar was another world rocking event. There are a lot of great books and seminars and systems out there that will rock your world and help you reset your beliefs to get on your way to becoming butt-load wealthy.
Unfortunately, you’ll have to take action. And for you to take action, you’ll have to have the right habit, which requires the right thoughts from the right beliefs. I know I was lucky enough to have exactly the right set of beliefs to help me acquire the genius business abilities I have right now. Not many others are as lucky as I am, and chances are that you aren’t.
But maybe, despite being so horribly handicapped, you can just say to me, “screw you guy,” and go and take action right now anyways.


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  1. where is part 2??!

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