Weird in the head

I hate it when she says bye after I say I’m going to leave. What’s wrong with her? Doesn’t she want me around? Why doesn’t she try to keep me here and then RELUCTANTLY let me leave?

I’m cute and funny dammit. Appreciate it or ELSE.

I don’t trust her to know what she’s talking about when she tells me I have trust issues.


When I yell at you, it’s out of love. So stop yelling at me and listen to to what I’m saying.

I’m trying to explain to you that if I wanted your opinion I’d ask for it. Why aren’t you just letting me explain that to you?

I’m sorry that all I can do is say sorry when I make mistakes.

It’s not my fault that you feel so bad all the time, so stop making me feel bad about it.

I want you to tell me you love me more often without me having to ask you for it. So say it right now out of your own free will.


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