I’m the greatest thing to happen to humanity

Someone pointed out to me that it was annoying when someone was bragging, but specifically when that the person bragging was trying to be subtle about it. And I have been similarly annoyed by people who try to hide that they are bragging. I can understand though, bragging has gotten a bad rap for a while now.
It’s unpopular to be popular and know it.
It’s not cool to think you’re cool.
You’re ugly on the inside if you think you’re pretty on the outside.
You’re an idiot if you think you really know something.
I know I subscribe to all those principles, I’m no different. But when my friend brought up the topic I realized that I didn’t really know why I thought bragging was wrong.
I believe that we have actually stunted ourselves as human beings when we collectively banned bragging as a faux pas. As human beings I believe it’s important for us to recognize ourselves and have others recognize how wonderful each one of us is. For example, a masterpiece painting in a vacuum of human thought and awareness is just some dried chemicals on some flattened tree pulp. It’s the recognition of the artist and the recognition of fellow human beings that defines something as good or great or a piece of trash.
I think that the irrational fear of bragging has created generations of mentally unstable and handicapped human beings that can’t recognize quality and are stifling natural emotions. I believe that is what my friend found as annoying. Deep down inside there is a wisdom inside us all that lets us know when someone is bullshitting. The obvious lack of integrity between what a person truly feels and what a person expresses is annoying to others at best, self destructive at worst.
So to test this, me and my friend tried our hand at bragging to see whether there really is some value in it or whether there is something evil about it. What we found out was that it was actually difficult at times to really be able to properly brag.
Bragging requires a few key components that isn’t so easily achieved. To properly brag, you have to
a) genuinely feel like you are better than most people. And
b) you have to say it to people in a very clearly superior manner.
If you were to view the ability that you wish to brag about like the floor of a high-rise building. You first have to genuinely feel that you’re either at the rooftop suite or one of the top floors. And then when you speak about it, you have to be very clear which floor you’re on. None of that “I think I’m at the rooftop” or “I was lucky to have gotten a great view” crap. Imagine that you hired a public relations person to sell you or the aspect of yourself you want to brag about. How would that PR person communicate it?
Bragging is actually an art form that requires training. And we are horrible at it because it’s an art that no one practices anymore. Bragging also requires a lot of courage. To be able to make any bold statement requires courage, but to say something without any proof or a way of offering proof of your statement is ballsy.
I think that we have over the years have misconstrued that bragging means that you don’t have humility. My friend brought up a good point, if you truly feel that you are superior about something then you won’t have to brag about it. But why not? Why don’t you have to brag about it? What if the opposite is true instead? What if bragging is the way to achieve true humility?
I don’t know the truth about it myself, but I do know that there is something inherent inside us that causes us to brag. Because we feel like it’s something wrong, we were told by society it was bad to brag, we try to stifle it. But it comes out in ways that are obvious to others that it’s bragging anyways, and it’s really annoying. So we could either think that man is inherently evil and bragging is just one way that man just has natural urges for sinning. Or we can actually listen to ourselves and be true to the feelings that we have.


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