Kung Fu training method

(disclaimer: This is purely for Toison White Crane, Lama Pai, or Hop Ga type of styles)


  1. Three points of energy-source: left-right shoulders and dantien (stomach core)
  2. Horse stance: glutes, thighs, knees, feet. The foundation holding up the 3 energy-sources.

The three energy-sources are ran by turning them. Twisting of the waist and flailing of the shoulders. These are multi-angle capable parts of the body and turning and twisting of them with power and precision is the ultimate goal.

The base that anchors the turns are the lower half of the body. This must be strengthened and diligently trained to handle the stresses caused from the upper half safely.


Now move all that around the floor. Learn how to move your feet around while engaging your energy-sources while still having balance and power. Try not to hurt yourself to much.


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