Cancer, money, blood, and politics

How Cancer grows

It’s been found that cancer grows from newly formed blood vessels near a cancerous piece of tissue. This TED talk explains more. The talk was pretty enlightening to me because before that, I always thought of cancer just popping up and as soon as you have one cancer cell, it will grow like bacteria in your system, of it’s own accord.

It is pretty naive on my part to think that cancer is like a different organism of its own. What cancer actually is are parts of our body growing too much. It’s little bits of skin and tissue cells that go rogue. But they stay small and benign because resources are limited. In fact, right now in your body (yes you, the reader, right now, no matter the age) there are little pockets of cancer cells just waiting for some fresh blood to feed on.

Money and Blood

circulatory systemBlood is a liquid transport system of combustable gas, Oxygen. Our body doesn’t combust anything with it of course, there isn’t little fires in your cells. But it does very efficiently convert this Oxygen and other stuff into heat and fuel. Maybe we should be researching some of that stuff instead of burning shit?

And what do we do with that energy we consume from food is be productive, some of us. We do stuff, we go around building things and solving problems and helping each other.

Each one of us are our own little cells, doing certain functions that keep the body of Humanity alive and prosperous. And we’re good at it, we are on the top of the food chain, we are EVERYWHERE. We’re even in space. Sure that goes for a lot of other organisms, but c’mon.. you’re reading this, you’re much more awesome than an amoeba.

And why are we good at being alive and prosperous? It’s because we can communicate to each other and we can get things done with money. Money is our blood. It runs the machine, it runs our Humanity. Without money, the body falls apart and everything goes back to tribes and bartering. Cities will disappear and we will all be happier, but probably not safer from the elements and natural harm.


Facebook_Politics So what does politics have to do with all this? Well, think about what you’re doing with your money and where it’s going. Where is the money that you spend end up? Do you know? The documentary End of the Road; How Money Became Worthless (if you have Netflix you can watch it now) opened my eyes to the Ponzi scheme that the banks of the world are running right now, just waiting to collapse.

And several other documentaries, Front Lines, and even Daily Show keeps showing me how there actually are some stupid actions happening by a few people who think they have all the right to do it cause they can get away with it. No, it’s not a conspiracy. A conspiracy would require thought and planning and effort. What I’m talking about is just greed, short-sightedness, and stupidity. These are the little pockets of cancer in the Human body/society, just waiting for some blood to feed on.

And we’re the ones feeding them. We make the money, we hold the money, and we spend the money. We are the arteries of Humanity, each one of us, and where we spend is where the blood of our society goes. And it’s not just money, it’s attention. It’s energy of any sort, directed by us towards something.

When we watch news shows that constantly show us bilge instead of truth, we are driving competition and growth in more bilge production. When we buy trash, we encourage others to create more trash. We vote up the leaders because they spew the same usual bromides that are easy for our minds to accept. These politicians hire smart marketing professionals that know exactly how to drive an idea directly deep into our cranium. Ideas that allow them to propagate harm on the rest of humanity for their own benefits. And where do these politicians get the money for the Tv ads? From lobbyists ran and financed by people like the Koch brothers, also to promote and propagate harmful ideas for their own benefit. Park Avenue: money, power and the American dream is a good documentary that describes the link between the top 1% and the government.

Koch The 1%, who are they? They are business men. They are the owners and runners of businesses that profit from basically everything you do. Oil companies profit every time you go to work, use saran wrap, or eat food (chances are you didn’t just grow that in your backyard, nor anywhere 100 miles near to you. And some (if not most) of these Oil companies are still family owned. And these rich people have the time and money to buy senators and pass bills that hurt our lives and helps them make more money.

In a weird way, I want to be those people. I want to be extremely wealthy and have businesses. But the difference between me and these people who like to pull strings in Washington to make more money is that I want to make more money because I have a damn good product. I want to make money because I know how to operate a business well and create quality products that help people’s lives improve.


These Tea-Party folk, with their Ayn Rand Society, forgot that it was Jim Taggart and Orren Boyle that used their money to influence Washington. Francisco d’Anconia and John Galt wanted to be left alone to work on their crafts and produce better and better products that made them whole bunch of money and made other people’s lives better.

We need to get back to work and begin to look deeper into the products we’re buying and the way that we’re living our lives. Let’s suspend the blood flow to the cancers of our society. Lets stop looking at crap on tv and putting crap into our stomachs and our minds.

How do we do that? First we have to stop assuming that we know what is good and what is quality. Lets drop the ego act and really find out things we haven’t really questioned. What is good food? What is good knowledge? What is good behavior? I know I had to take a deep hard look at my life and face some unwanted truths about myself and what I thought was good, moral, just.

Read more books. They’re actually interesting. Read that Atlas Shrugged that people have been talking about. It isn’t boring rhetoric, Ayn Rand is a good dramatist. Or well.. more like a soap opera. But a soap opera with sci-fi, bad guys, government conspiracies, and all sort of other very interesting things and ideas.

In the end of it all, this life that we’re living is always connected to everyone else. We are no different from the individual cells in our body, which we don’t really consider to be individual, we consider it to be “I”. In the same way, Humanity is a big “I” and we are individuals with the ability to affect the Human Body with our individual small but important actions.


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